CB-CD5 1M USB C To USB C Quick Charge 3.0 Durable Braided Nylon Cable

  • -USB-C to USB-C cable enables fast charging data transfer up to 480Mbps

    -Durable braided nylon cable with reinforced aluminum shielding designed to withstand every day wear and tear

    -Compact reversible USB-C connector that plugs in either direction

    -USB-C compliant and compatible with Type-C smartphones, tablets, laptops, and power sources

    -Better Heat Dispersion: Aluminum case with anodic oxidation technology ensures better heat dispersion generating less heat and cooling down quicker than similar cables.


    Product Code: CB-CD5

    Maximum Data Speed: 480Mbps (USB 2.0)

    Materials: Braided Nylon, Aluminum Alloy

    Cord Length: 1m

    Weight: 73g

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