CB-TCC241 Hyper Link CC 240W USB4 Gen 2 Cable High Speed Charging With 8K/60Hz VDO Output

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-----Product Highlights-----

- - Certified Performance: USB4 fast charging cable® Gen 2 is USB-IF certified.® Quality that has been certified to the world's highest standards.

- - Ultra-fast Data Transfer: Transfer Data up to 40Gbps, transmit and receive files faster in an instant, 8 times faster than USB 3.0.

- - High Power Charging: Supports Charging at a maximum Power of 240W, can charge devices that support High speed Charging such as laptops, mobile phones, game consoles and drones.

- - Stunning Video Quality: Able to transmit Video signals at Hi-Resolution with a Resolution of 8K / @ 60Hz Single screen. And 4K / @ 60Hz resolution for dual screens connection.

-----Product specification-----


- Usb-if® Certified USB4® Cable

- 40gbps maximum data transfer speed

- 240w maximum charging speed

- 8k @ 60Hz maximum video output

- - Coaxial design for the superior resistance to electromagnetic interference

- - 0.8m length

- - Tpe jacket - TPE jacket -

-----Waht's in the box-----

1 x Type-C to Type-C cable

-----Supported devices-----

Nootbook Gaming, Microsoft Surface, Nootbook, Macbook, iPad, Huawai Smartphone, Nintendo Switch or other devices that support 240 watts of power.

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